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Planet of IT is an IT company founded in 2018. We are a team of like-minded professionals that work hard to satisfy our customers. Our priority is serving our customers and finding the solutions that fit best for them. 

Our Mission & Values

At Planet of IT, we help businesses migrate to the Cloud or optimize their existing Cloud solution. By leveraging a modern-day approach, our clients benefit from reliability and scalability to meet their needs now and into the future.

You’re In Good Hands

Planet of IT is built on the foundations of integrity and trust. Our expertise is deep, thus, by focusing on the core, we can help our customers build a Roadmap and Identify the right resources, tools, and technologies for them to stay ahead in the race.

Quality And Customer Satisfaction Is Our First Priority

Planet of IT utilizes various techniques to deliver quality & customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our customer with the best service possible that will enable them in reaching their business goals by offering them quality, prompt & timely services.

Amazing Customer Service Is The Competitive Advantage

Complete customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our client support team provides personalized assistance to support our clients, helping them solve their problems as soon as possible.

360 Degree Value Creation

Planet of IT has the ability to design strategies to modernize, expand and build solutions to create 360-degree value across your Digital Transformation Journey.

Company Mission


Our mission at Planet of IT is to empower businesses with innovative technology solutions and expertise, driving digital transformation and enabling success in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving digital world.

Our Digital Transformation approach has led to Planet of IT’s revenue growth and a growing list of top global brands the company is proud to call clients. Fueled by a strong global need for digital business enablement, demand has sharply accelerated as companies of all sizes respond to customers’ increasing appetites for digital products and services. In the coming years, we aim to keep growing and keep helping businesses increase their agility, power continuous innovation and rapid experimentation to accelerate their growth and profitability.

Why Us?

With technology evolving, the advancements are rapidly growing and it’s important to keep up. At Planet of IT, we are here to ensure that you are keeping up. We want to make it extraordinarily easier for you and let you focus on your core business; while we keep you current in the technology race.

Our mission is to help companies face the challenges of digital transformation and develop self-driving business strategies and processes while improving workflows and operational efficiency.

We provide end-to-end IT solutions that enable companies to reduce their costs and maximize their profits, reach new markets and ultimately grow.

  • You Code, We Deliver
  • Your Thoughts, Our Digitalization
  • You Sell, We Tech
  • Your Idea, Our Execution

Our Core Team

Saad Javed

Tech Lead | Business Connectivity



Jesse Elve

Tech Lead | Senior Cloud Architect



Ali Raza

Message from Founder & CEO

Growing up I enjoyed fixing broken toys more than playing with them. From a very young age, I realized my passion surrounded engineering and technology and that is what drove me into Information Technology. I enjoy the challenges that come with evolving technology and finding the solution to complex problems.
I have over 13 years of experience serving different industries. In all my previous jobs, what kept me going and motivated was solving complex problems. I have won multiple awards such as the most valuable player, the best employee of the month, and a hard-working geek at various jobs. Moving on to my next role was never an easy decision as my seniors loved me, however, I believe that continuous growth is important and that’s why I have started Planet of IT.


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If you are seeking ways to digitally transform your business to leverage technology as a source of Growth and Innovation, We can help!

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