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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Connect Unit?

With Planet of IT’s Business Connect Unit, harness the true value of your Data! With our Business Connect Unit, you get: The most Comprehensive Data management offerings for all types of companies. Customised and Innovative Cloud-based solutions for managing data across all stages of the lifecycle including collection, storage, processing and analytics. Deployment of your data to the most Powerful Data platforms to harness its true power and transform it into a powerful Analytical resource for your business.

What is Modern Applications?

Planet of IT offers state-of-the-art Modern Application Development Services that can help your businesses to overcome the roadblocks and add value to your business. With us move to managed container services, build new apps with server-less technologies and tools and modernize your over all data infrastructure with DevOps.

Does Planet of IT offer Machine Learning & AI Services?

Planet of IT also offers the broadest and deepest set of AI and machine learning services and supporting cloud infrastructure. We help organizations create breakthrough results and increase their operational efficiency with our advanced Machine Learning and AI Development services.

How does Planet of IT's Development Team work?

Our Development Unit has a team of experienced Modern day developers who can customise development as per your needs from conception through implementation. Our development team is adept in capturing Project requirements, working on them till the very end.

Why should I shift from Montolithic to Microservices?

Monolithic application design leads to performance bottlenecks, increased resource utilization, and the inability to adopt scalable, cost-efficient cloud native platforms or agile development patterns. Planet of IT development services helps companies rapidly refactor their applications to adopt modern development principles such as microservices, containerization, and event based architectures.

How does Planet of IT help with Digital Transformation?

With technology evolving, the advancements are rapidly growing and it’s important to keep up. At Planet of IT, we are here to ensure that you are keeping up. We want to make it extraordinarily easier for you and let you focus on your core business; while we keep you current in the technology race. Our mission is to help companies face the challenges of Digital transformation and develop self-driving business strategies and processes, while improving workflows and operational efficiency. We provide end-to-end IT consulting and services that enable companies to reduce their costs and maximize their profits, reach new markets and ultimately grow.

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