At this point of time digitalization in manufacturing industry is needed more than ever. Those who will not consider this approach will lag behind. Incorporation of digital transformation helps CEOs to take informed decisions as they can go through analytics and forecast accordingly. Manufacturing industry is dealing with challenges and If a business owner wants to envision a bright future they need to consider the relationship between their business digital technologies. 

There is a constantly increasing competition between the businesses and those who do not adapt new things timely, they won’t last in the long run. Due to this competition, businesses are being forced to lower the cost of their services, work on their customer care and work around the ways to retain the profit margin. Businesses which are disrupted with digital transformation have revolutionized the whole industry and gave it a new perspective.  

This digitalization gave rise to Industry 4.0 which means smart industries and smart factories. This fourth industrial revolution revolves around working smartly rather than working hard. A future is being built where devices are connected smartly and communication is being done seamlessly without any external efforts. Dx is a perfect match of traditional processes of manufacturing industry with the advanced technologies which deals with all the inefficiencies which previously existed. There are few technologies which are considered crucial to transform the manufacturing industry and are named as big data, analytics and 3D printing.  

In smart manufacturing all the devices are connected digitally having central networks through which not only the process is automated but also we can learn behaviour of the processes being followed. With its help quality issues can be catered easily and tasks can be assigned automatically to the relative machine. 

How Implementation of digital technologies affect manufacturers? 

All those manufacturers who are incorporating smart technologies, they need to consider the road map that how things will turn in the coming years. Here is the journey of the digital transformation they will be going through to have a promising future.  

  • Create a business-led technology road map 
  • Develop the talent 
  • Adaptation of Agile Model 
  • Shift to Updated Technology Environment 
  • Focus on Data Management and Enrichment 
  • Drive and Adat Digital Initiatives 


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