The Internet of Things is one of the hottest topics these days and it has completely transformed our lives for the better. The world is no longer than just a few steps away. There are many advantages to how it has changed our lives with its natural benefits such as connecting with loved ones or finding work opportunities from across the globe. With devices that connect us with the Internet of Things, we have gained more information at a faster rate than ever before.

This article will help you understand what the IoT is, how it works, how it has changed our lives, and why everyone should get involved with it today.

Introduction: The Internet of Things Explained in Layman’s Terms 

The internet of things is a system that connects devices, or “things,” together via the internet to create a network. These devices can be anything from your car to your refrigerator to your smartwatch.

The main idea behind the internet of things is to increase efficiency and convenience in our day-to-day life by connecting disparate objects and applications. For example, we can use our phones as remote controls for TVs and speakers and computers, track our fitness activity using wearable technology like fitness bracelets and smartwatches, automate our homes with smart lighting and thermostats that will automatically adjust their temperature.

The Internet of Things has the potential to change how we live our lives in many ways – more efficient transportation, smart cities, smart homes – all these depend on connectivity. The hub is an intermediary device that helps connect your home or office devices to each other or to other networks like 3G or Wi-Fi. It acts as a bridge between your devices without adding too much cost.

In a nutshell, IoT works in the following way:

    • Devices have hardware like sensors, for example, that collect data.
    • The data collected by the sensors is then shared via the cloud and integrated with the software.
    • The software then analyzes and transmits the data to users via an app or website.

How IoT works

What are the Key Advantages Companies Can Expect to Gain by Implementing an IoT Solution? 

The recent growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) and its adoption by businesses has caused a paradigm shift in the way we work. IoT is a new concept that has brought forth new opportunities for companies to enhance their productivity. It is not just limited to automating repetitive tasks but also provides companies with new ways to get insights about their customers and improve their productivity. It also helps them shape customer experience such as providing better-tailored offers based on each customers’ behaviour patterns. 

Organizations can gain a lot of benefits from implementing an IoT solution. They provide better and easier ways to manage and connect devices and their data. It is a smart technology that can track, monitor and automate many processes in order to increase efficiency. There are many IoT solutions available for various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and even construction, leading organizations toward digital transformation. These solutions have the potential to save time and money while offering scalability. As a result, Businesses can use these solutions to streamline processes and increase efficiency, allowing them to focus more on their core competencies. 

According to a study“The influence of the Internet of Things on employee’s engagement among generation Y at the workplace (2018),” IoT implementation at scale helped contribute to improved levels of engagement from employees, leading to improved productivity, improved job satisfaction, and improved performance and better serviced customers. 

Benefits of Internet of things

Moreover, as stated by a recent survey, the most important use case for IoT devices in the consumer segment is consumer internet & media devices such as smartphones, where the number of IoT devices is forecast to grow to more than eight billion by 2030. Other use cases with more than one billion IoT devices by 2030 are connected (autonomous) vehicles, IT infrastructure, asset tracking & monitoring, and smart grid. 

Growth of Internet of Things by 2030

How to Implement an IoT Solution for Your Company? 

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are gaining popularity in the world of business and there are a number of different types of IoT solutions available for businesses, but the one that is most popular with companies is an onsite solution. On-site solutions provide a cheaper alternative to cloud computing. They are typically deployed on the company’s premises and make use of company-owned servers, storage, and network resources. This type of solution can have a significant impact on increased productivity and increased profitability. Consequently, this reduces IT costs and provides more control over data security and privacy by having less reliance on external entities such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It also helps businesses avoid the costs associated with managing software, hardware, and networking. 

The cost-benefit analysis for an onsite solution should include: 

  • The cost of ownership over time, including maintenance costs. 
  • The cost of installing and managing the system in terms of labour hours and IT resources. 
  • How much value it will add to your business in terms of increased client satisfaction, customer retention or lower operating expenses. 

However, there are many considerations that must be made before implementing an IoT solution and in order to successfully implement an IoT solution, it is important to evaluate the business goals and needs to choose the appropriate technology. 


It is no secret that our world is shifting towards an interconnected society as it is the direction that the world is heading in. It has already become a part of our daily life and many people are already benefiting from it. After reading this article, I hope you will be able to answer the question, “What is the Internet of Things?” 

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