Why Every Startup Should Be a DevOps Community

In order to become a successful startup, you must have a strong team. A strong team is able to do the job of several people. It can ensure the application is available at the right time, and it has the ability to optimize resources and investments. The DevOps community is an association where startups can come together and share their experiences in building new products. In this way, they will learn how to create better products faster through continuous improvement and continuous development. The DevOps community also helps startups be competitive by providing them with information on best practices for managing software delivery times, reducing costs and making the company more sustainable.

In this article, we will provide you with 5 reasons why you should adopt this culture at your startup as well.

DevOps Culture, The Secret Ingredient for Business Success

Being a DevOps is not just about taking care of the technical dependencies, it’s about making sure that the right people are on the right tasks when they are needed. If you don’t have a culture where everyone knows what they are supposed to do, then you will never be able to deliver an effective product because there will always be some unexpected issues.

The DevOps culture needs to be nurtured and encouraged by everyone involved with IT infrastructure and software development. The DevOps culture helps companies to not only build better products but also keep them running for long periods of time at low costs. DevOps allows companies instead of focusing on expensive product updates or system upgrades, they can focus on production-ready software that can be deployed at any time without any disruption.

Basically, DevOps Culture is based on the idea of dedicated people who work together to solve problems. This culture is highly motivated, passionate and hardworking. It’s something that a company needs in order to be successful. DevOps culture is also characterized by open communication, constant collaboration and dedication to code quality. It’s an approach that helps companies excel at their jobs, as well as making sure they stay competitive and stay relevant in the market.

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5 main reasons to start with DevOps culture in your startup

Startups need to be able to work with each other as well as within their own organization. DevOps can help them achieve this by making it easier for teams to share knowledge, collaborate across divisions, share tools, use best practices and design patterns, and avoid conflicts between teams for both technical and non-technical aspects of a project.

5 Reasons to Start with DevOps Culture at Your Startup Infographic


1- Maximize the productivity and agility of a company

With continuous delivery, continuous integration and continuous deployment, companies are able to release new versions of their software faster. This means that there’s more pressure on the development teams to deliver on time. But what makes these practices effective is that they let developers focus on quality control and not just on getting the code to work. With these practices in place, an organization can release software (or other products) without missing any deadlines or bugs breaking through as might have happened with older methodology (e.g., waterfall). DevOps methods are so popular in startups because they cost less than traditional approaches but still have great advantages when compared to them.

2- Run the company’s operations at higher efficiency

With the DevOps approach, developers are not just responsible for writing code, but also for taking care of infrastructure operations. This helps companies to run their operations at higher efficiency and speed. It enables them to deliver more value as well as save time and money through better coordination between departments and functions.

3- Better Collaboration and Teamwork

DevOps is a culture that stresses on collaboration and teamwork. In fact, it was coined in the year 2004 by two members of the community ‘Apache’ and ‘Consul’, who were trying to achieve better communication between teams by offering a collaborative software engineering style.

It adds new value to the development process by helping teams to focus on the tasks that are important for them. It also helps them to make better use of their time.

4- Responsive, adaptable and secure Development

Automated deployments in DevOps will allow your software to become more responsive, adaptable and secure. It will also empower your team to take responsibility for its own software development, improving the efficiency and transparency of the codebase.

5- Customer support and Satisfaction

It is important to maintain a positive relationship with the customer. A customer support agent can resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We can’t rely on the internal team to fix everything but we need to make sure that we don’t introduce any technical issue into their working process.

DevOps will help us by making our software better and more stable in terms of performance and stability. It will also help us improve productivity as well as the quality of our software by introducing continuous integration, continuous delivery, source code control and automated testing. It will also make it easier for software developers to get access to the source code of the project so that they can work on it without any extra permissions from management or other stakeholders besides those who have the rights.

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